Which mixers go well with single malt whisky?

Which mixers go well with single malt whisky?

Which mixers go well with single malt whisky?

Whisky is usually best consumed neat because of its rich deep flavor. However, it really shows its versatility when mixed with other ingredients. Whisky can be savory sweet, spicy, or smoky, and often a good mixer can help it shine and bring out the best in it.

Coca Cola

Perhaps even better than the classic Rum and Coke is the Whisky and Coke. The whisky’s vanilla and oak overtones give the sweet, caramel-flavored cola the perfect subtlety and spicy finish.

Tonic water

Interested in having your whisky without any other flavors, then this is the mix for you. Tonic water pairs well with spicy, oaky whisky.

Ginger ale

The whisky ginger! Whisky and ginger ale go along perfectly because of the spicy flavors of the booze blend with the ale’s mellow, sweet and fizzy flavor. Ginger ale also improves the honeyed sweetness, floral notes, and creamy texture of sweeter whiskies, it even balances out the flavor of smoky Islay whisky. Add a squeeze of lime and an ice cube and you’re good to go!

Ginger beer

Ginger beer is different from ginger ale because it’s a little more aggressive with ginger and carbonation and it has a peppery kick to it.


Looking for another whisky cocktail for the summertime? Try the whisky lemonade! This zingy drink is also perfect for any season.

Coffee and whipped cream

Another one of those classic whisky cocktails is Irish coffee.  It also works with iced coffee and cold brew. Top it off with whipped cream and you’re good to go!


Want to fully enjoy all the flavors of whisky without burning your tongue, try mixing it with water. Whisky tastes better and is easier to drink when water is added to it to help open up the flavor. Simply pour one drop at a time until the alcohol burn subsides and enjoy.

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