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Malts and Things


Malt and Things is your online repository for all malts 

We also offer ‘Things’ such as a other high end, difficult to find and quirky liquors.

The idea is the brainchild of two brothers Miso and Jason Shongwe. Through our experience in the liquor industry, we experienced and learned a great deal about various liquors and brands. As such this is our way of wanting to share the products, we had access to, as well as the experiences associated. 

Coming from a family that does not consume alcohol our learning curve was steep. However, with time we got to learn a lot. Given our experience we want to provide curated products and experiences to everyone from your first-time drinker to your expert.

We are from Johannesburg South Africa and our offices are in Pretoria South Africa. For more about us individually you can check out our LinkedIn profiles. Don’t be shy to connect with us as well as tag @maltsandthings on all social platforms.

As a luxury business we understand that you are entrusting us to find the best quality products. Furthermore, to get the products to you and your loved ones in a prompt and fantastic condition. As such our return policy is simple if we do not meet your expectations, we have a 30 day return policy whereby you are expected to return the bottles in the best condition.

There is nothing that we as business will not attempt to get done for you the consumer. As such if you have any special requests, please contact us on or

If it is a big emergency WhatsApp us on    +27829039284.